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My name is Robert Zdrojek and I am Michal’s father, let me tell you more about my son.

Michal Zdrojek, 29, migrated from Poland to UK seeking for a better life.
Passionate about Nordic history, British waterways, canals, and boats, he spent nearly a decade working on Birmingham Canals, becoming very well known within the boating community.


On 23rd of October 2022, Michal was driving Ikon Gallery Boat when he lost his conscience.
He was found by 2 passers by who called the ambulance immediately as Michal was not breathing.
The ambulance arrived after 20 minutes but this short time was enough for his stomach content to reach his lungs and leading to his heart stopping.
This resulted in a brain injury and even though he was not in a recovery position, the ambulance crew has managed to restart his heart by injecting adrenaline.

Our Viking was still fighting!

Currently, Michal is reacting to stimulation, he follows people with his eyes, he is able to show emotions and we know he is still trying to fight, trapped in a body that needs healing.

As we have learned over the past several months, brain injury have no straightforward diagnosis or path to recovery.
We only have unknowns, not knowing how his body will heal or when.
We don't know what the future holds, it could take years for him to regain the function he has lost. No matter how much he recovers, Michal will be dealing with the realities of his brain injury for the rest of his life.
This is why we are asking for your immediate help, to raise funds to help our Polish Viking Mike with restoring motor functions and enable him to keep following his dreams.

If you are lucky enough in life to count Michal as a friend or consider him part of your extended community, then you already know what he would do for you.

For those of you that don't know Michal, he is truly a one of kind, amazing person. From his love for his family and friends, to his serving on Birmingham & Midland Marine Services. He is literally the person that "will give you the shirt off his back." The type of person that will show and help anyone, at any time.

We will never be able to repay you for the support you give us - but know we can’t make it through this without you.

We understand that not everyone may be able to donate, but your prayers, positive thoughts, and shares of this campaign are also incredibly valuable. Please spread the word among your social circles, workplace, and any other communities you are a part of.

Robert, Richard, Sylwia


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